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Chapter: Monitoring and logging in production
Lecture: Introduction to Rollbar: Monitoring in production

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0:02 Logging is great, but how often do you actually look at your log files? When something is wrong with your application, you want to know,
0:10 you need to know right now, you would like everyone on the team to get a notice, "the website is down, users are getting errors" and so on.
0:18 So, the way we do this is by integrating some kind of monitoring system into our web application, the one that I recommend
0:28 and the one that I've been using for a long time, is called Rollbar. And, Rollbar is cool because it works across many different technologies
0:35 like it's great with Python, but it also works with NoJs, client-side JavaScript, .NET, you name it, Ruby, lots of different platforms are supported,
0:44 so you can sort of bring all of your monitoring from different applications together even if you are not using Python for everything.
0:51 So, we're going to go and look inside of Rollbar and I'l take you on a tour of my Rollbar account, then we'll create a new application,
1:00 which is going to be the monitoring app, or the app that we are going to monitor inside Rollbar
1:07 and we are going to associate that with our Blue / Yellow Rockets web app that we've been building this whole time.
1:13 And then, once we get it setup, we'll see if there is an error, we'll get a notification
1:17 in all sorts of places, we can setup our email, I am going to setup a Slack channel
1:22 so we'll get a notification in Slack, and then when we do get that notification of the error,
1:26 it actually contains all this information, it contains information about where the stack trace or traceback was,
1:34 what the value of the local variables when it crashed were, what operating system and browser were they using
1:42 when they caused this crash and so on, and so on. Lots of pieces of information we'll be able to use here
1:48 to really quickly track down and solve the problem. Alright, let's get going to Rollbar.

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