Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Making money (credit cards and businesses)
Lecture: The story of Stratechery

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0:02 So let me leave you with the Story of Stratechery.
0:06 Stratechery is a blog, which then became also this sort of
0:10 follow-oner podcast called Exponent.
0:14 And it's done by a guy named Ben Thompson and his co-host James.
0:18 Really great, one of my favorite podcasts to listen to,
0:22 I am always super excited when it comes out,
0:24 they don't always get a hold of the topics I want,
0:27 sometimes they are kind of rambly, but most of the time they are really good,
0:30 and this particular episode, 34 of the Story of Stratechery is something
0:35 that really should be studied by people that are building businesses, like us.
0:39 They are not building necessarily the next Facebook,
0:42 but maybe the next business that is going to give you freedom
0:47 to build what you want and sort of grow, OK.
0:49 So this guy Ben started this thing called Stratechery a few years ago, and what is it,
0:55 it was a blog for business analyses of the tech industry,
1:00 so this thing that Microsoft just did was that a good move, was that a bad move;
1:05 this thing that Apple is doing, how does that compete against what Amazon is doing?
1:09 And so on, so he does a lot of writing like this,
1:12 and the writing is really good and he has subscribers to his blog
1:15 and some of the content is paid, he went through some really rough times
1:19 and some really challenging times,
1:22 but came through and generated quite successful business,
1:25 so his blog at the time of this recording I am sure it's actually gone way pass this
1:30 because it was growing quickly, he had 20 thousand subscribers to his paid blog,
1:35 and that's a 10 dollars per person, per month.
1:38 So, that's something like 240 thousand dollars a year, for blogging.
1:42 So, he goes through, and normally, what they talk about is other businesses,
1:47 but it so happens somehow that James talks Ben into talking about his business,
1:52 how it came to be and so on.
1:55 So, I would say you should really listen to this if you've got some extra time
1:59 and you want to just get some of these ideas percolate.
2:02 First ten minutes, maybe first eleven minutes are kind of rambly, they bounce around,
2:06 so go and listen to that if you want or if you are like this is nonsense,
2:09 skip to minute eleven or something to this effect,
2:13 you can see the link there at the bottom, I think it's case sensitive, so be careful.
2:17 You'll hear them talk about a few things, they talk about the jungle floor
2:21 and they talk about this thing called a canopy, and so on,
2:24 and what they are talking about is on the internet,
2:26 there is really room for two types of companies,
2:29 there is room for huge companies that that just take over,
2:32 so Amazon taking over online shopping, Google taking over search,
2:36 Facebook taking over social, things like that,
2:39 there is only a few of those and they those the things that live
2:42 at the top of the canopy; and then, there is the very niche stuff
2:45 that lives at the bottom of the floor, like python podcast,
2:48 or training for people working on raspberry pi,
2:53 or various specialized stuff that can never be quite big enough to be huge businesses
2:57 and so you'll hear those references without explanation
3:01 because they talked about it in previous episodes.
3:03 If you've got an extra hour, and you just want to listen to something,
3:07 I strongly recommend you listen to like minute eleven onward of this episode,
3:12 it will really give you some insight into all of the stuff that we were talking about here.