Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Making money (credit cards and businesses)
Lecture: US companies for people outside the US

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0:02 So you are thinking, well that's cool Michael,
0:05 LLCs, S corps, US corporations, none of that applies to me
0:09 because I live in the country X, where X is not in the United States.
0:13 Now obviously many countries have similar corporate structures
0:18 and similar types of protections.
0:21 You might just want to choose whatever is local for you.
0:24 There are sometimes, especially if you are looking to get venture capital
0:28 and participate in some of the US markets that you might want to have
0:32 a company that is set up and registered in the United States,
0:35 with a US bank account that can accept credit card payments and things like that.
0:40 That can be really challenging to get done if you live in some country,
0:44 especially if you don't have good connections to the US,
0:48 so Stripe again, Stripe the same people we are using for the credit cards
0:51 came up with this thing called Atlas, and the idea is once you get into the Atlas program.
0:57 they will help you set up and incorporate a US company set up a US bank account
1:01 and accept payments as if you were a US company.
1:06 So if you are outside of the US, but you want for whatever reason to be
1:10 within the US as a business, check out