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Chapter: Making money (credit cards and businesses)
Lecture: Stripe Checkout overview

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0:02 Are you ready to see what this Stripe checkout is all about? One of the things you'll hear often when people talk about these checkout flows
0:10 and accepting credit cards are the funnels, conversion funnel, purchase funnel and so on, and you want the number of steps involved,
0:17 and the amount of information to be entered as minimal as possible, and as far as I can tell, this Stripe checkout
0:24 is the absolute bare minimum for new customers. So, let's see how this works, first I'll show what we have on Talk Python Training,
0:32 and how I use it, you may recognize this as we go through it, and then I'll show you a little bit of behind the scenes on
0:39 and then we are going to write the code ourself. OK, so over here, we can go pick a course, you can see I am not logged in,
0:46 let's just pick the Jumpstart course, and come down here you can see there is a button here that says buy now, get lifetime access for 69 dollars.
0:54 So, if i click this, notice I am not logged in, It says OK we are going to buy this course, here is a little logo,
1:03 I can put in my email, if I were logged in, that email would already be pre-populated, so I am going to put in a credit card, expiration date, CVC
1:11 and I hit pay and that's the entire funnel, that's the entire process. This happens on Stripe server, this is actually coming from Stripe.
1:20 What I put here never goes to my server, it only goes to Stripe. Now, once this is submitted, a token, a one-time token will be sent back
1:29 to my Pyramid web app and then we'll do the processing to basically enter you in the course so that I know to give you access to it, things like that.
1:37 So over here at, they have many different options for what you can do,
1:43 but you can see they have a little example to show you what it looks like, it looks similar to what I just showed you, right?
1:50 So, to get started, they have some documentation and basically all you have to do besides having a Stripe account,
1:56 which does not require special type of bank account or anything, just any account to transfer money into
2:02 when you get paid, right, that's the good part. You have an account, you have a bank account, you set up an account with Stripe,
2:09 and then you get an API code here and then this is all you need, it's just this script, so you can see all of this, these details, this data,
2:18 -key, data-amount and so on, this drives the UI that you saw. Here you can see the script that is running this actually comes from Stripe,
2:26 and then you've got a final POST back that you are going to go and this is where you receive the token to finalize the payment.
2:33 Now you are trading a little bit of flexibility here, lack of flexibility for both avoiding some of the PCI compliance issues
2:44 as well as simplicity, all this checkout stuff and verification you don't have to do,
2:48 so for example if I come over here and I put in just some random stuff, and I put like 11/11 of course that's expired, 123 and I try to pay it says
3:02 no, no, look, those two things are wrong, already, so if I put- no, no, I meant 21, all this nice validation is already good,
3:10 apparently that came back as some kind of credit card but they don't only have just the UI for it but all the validation
3:17 and it's kind of playful as well, so let's go see how we can take this API and embed it into our web app to buy albums.

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