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Chapter: Making money (credit cards and businesses)
Lecture: Accepting credit cards options

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0:02 So how do we get started accepting credit cards? Well, it's gotten much easier than it used to be, that's the good news.
0:10 When I first started working with e-commerce systems, you had to go and set up a payment gateway and a credit card processor
0:19 and you had to have a proper merchant account at your bank, which meant extra paper work, extra validation, all sorts of hassles and whatnot
0:28 and the APIs to integrate these were not pretty, so the thing that comes to mind for this is but there are many of them.
0:35 Now, the world has gotten easier since then, so for example, PayPal has great options for integrating payments
0:43 and direct credit card processing into your application. Another one, Braintree, is a little more credit card focused
0:51 and they actually were purchased or acquired by PayPal. So these are kind of the same company but two different offerings,
0:58 and I would say the startup darling of credit card processing these days is Stripe. Companies like Uber use Stripe, so you know they are big companies
1:09 that rely on this and that works really well. And it turns out that for my business, I also use Stripe,
1:15 you may or may not have noticed that when you purchased this course, but I am using Stripe and I've used it across several web applications,
1:22 different companies and it has been fabulous, it's super easy to use, they have great Python support and we are going to see
1:27 how to integrate Stripe payments into our web application. Now Stripe has actually a bunch of different options and ways in which you can work with it.
1:37 You can create your own payment checkout thing, create the forms on your web application, manage all the stuff
1:46 and just use them to actually charge the card, that's one option. Or you can use this thing called Stripe checkout.
1:52 And Stripe checkout is a really simple one click, enter the central information, buy it and go.
2:00 It works on web apps, it works on mobile apps, it's really cool, it's super easy to integrate, and it saves us
2:07 some of the challenges about PCI compliance, because we never even see the credit card, it actually goes,
2:15 this is a little pop up comes via JavaScript straight out of Stripe, they take the credit card, they do the processing on it,
2:23 so they give us this one time token where we can finalize the payment, and do all the additional processing
2:30 like recording our database, the purchase details.

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