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Chapter: SEO and Content Marketing
Lecture: HTTPS and Mobile Browser Support

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0:00 We need to talk about a couple of must-haves for the site that is hosting your content. HTTPS support and readability on mobile.
0:08 Let's look at a couple of easy ways to do both. So Full Stack Python has HTTPS support, it's listed as a secure website, so everything looks good here.
0:17 And this helps with the search engine rankings, Google has prioritized HTTPS connections over sites that do not support HTTPS,
0:26 Full Stack Python is a static site, so the way I handle this is I use a tool called Cloudflare, Cloudflare is a service you pay for monthly
0:34 and you can set your DNS records so that the Cloudflare will serve up your site through an HTTPS connection.
0:40 It also has some nice benefits where it will minify your HTML CSS and JavaScript and in general, it will just make your site faster.
0:47 But this is what I use in order to easily add HTTPS to Full Stack Python. Of course, you could set up your own HTTPS certificate
0:53 that actually is the route that I would recommend for most applications, but if you want to slap Cloudflare in front of your application
0:59 so you can have HTTPS support from day 1, that is also one possibility. So yes, you need to have HTTPS support
1:04 and that will help you in the search rankings. Another thing is support on mobile devices, and as we showed earlier,
1:10 you can test this by using the mobile emulator in Chrome, your site should look good on mobile devices, and not just good,
1:16 it should be completely readable and the way that you would accomplish this
1:19 is through responsive design, Full Stack Python is based on Bootstrap version 3 which has responsive design built right into it,
1:26 and I recommend using a CSS framework that just has responsive design built into it, use that as you are building your site up.
1:33 So we can see all this looks fine on whatever mobile device you are using, whether it's an iPhone, or a Galaxy S, any of those.
1:40 One reason why this is so important right now, is that Google changed their index, so instead of it being desktop first, it's now mobile first,
1:47 the search engine results on mobile devices are based on whether your site is mobile-friendly, if you are not mobile-friendly,
1:54 you are going to take a huge penalty in the search rankings. So make sure whether your readers are on desktop or on mobile,
2:00 they will have a great experience. Easiest way to do that is just with the responsive design
2:05 rather than a separate mobile site and a separate desktop website, so those are two must haves, HTTPS connection support and responsive design
2:11 so that anyone can access your site easily on a mobile device.

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