Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: User accounts and identity
Lecture: Introduction to login in and out

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0:02 Now that we've stored users correctly and safely in our database,
0:06 it's time to have them log in and log out.
0:09 We've seen this where we can go and either register for the site
0:12 or we can sign into the site and our code would actually verify the sign in correctly.
0:17 However, even after we signed in,
0:20 you would see that the web app doesn't really know
0:23 that the user is signed in, so they come here, they click sign in,
0:26 they click on this and what we would like to have happen is
0:28 once we redirect them over to their account page or wherever it is
0:33 we are going to redirect them to, we'd like to change that navigation to say
0:36 here is your account, we'd like every single request be able to know
0:41 which user is signed in and basically answer two questions,
0:44 is there a user signed in and what is their id or actually retrieve them
0:48 from the database automatically.
0:50 So we're going to spend the next couple of videos,
0:53 a demo and some concepts talking about how to make this happen
0:55 in our web app, in Pyramid. You'll see it's quite easy.