Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Building your email list
Lecture: Concept: Sending mail

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0:02 Now what fun would it be to have a mailing list if you never mail it?
0:05 So, the way you get started doing an email campaign,
0:08 is you go to the "create campaign" section,
0:10 I typically pick the regular campaign, which gives you a nice beautiful HTML designer,
0:14 you pick the list, if you did the segmentation thing I talked about,
0:17 you pick the various segments you want it to apply to,
0:20 there is all sorts of rules about dates and groups,
0:23 and lots of powerful rules you can apply there.
0:26 Then you design it out just the way you like it, you can do preview,
0:29 you can do tests and then finally you hit boom send an out it goes to
0:33 however many thousand people are in your list.
0:36 My only advice is test this on yourself when you first get going, right,
0:40 so make sure that you run through it to see what effect all the settings have there
0:43 is a lot of choices that after you get used to it are really simple
0:46 but are not necessarily obvious in the beginning,
0:49 as well as make sure you proofread it, like you probably have all gotten
0:51 some kind of email from me with like a missing period or some word repeated
0:57 or something funky as you like write the copy and rewrite the copy
1:00 and rewrite the copy because you want to get it just right,
1:03 be sure to proofread it, you can send it to a friend and have them proofread it as well
1:06 through MailChimp before you actually send it out
1:09 you can either send it right away or schedule it.
1:11 This is your time to shine, you've got these people interested in what you are doing,
1:14 you set up the infrastructure to communicate with them,
1:17 and now it's time to share your message.