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Chapter: Building your email list
Lecture: Introduction to mailing lists

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0:03 When you look at how businesses communicate with their customers, it's easy to think of social media.
0:10 Here is a growing startup, it has 10 thousand Twitter followers, the YouTube channel with a million of views, a Facebook page with 50 thousand likes.
0:18 These are all important. But, they are dwarfed by the power and importance of having an email list of qualified, engaged leads.
0:27 So we are going to talk about how to build these email lists, how to integrate them into our website,
0:33 some of the options for commercial places to manage them, send them, create campaigns and track reports, and so on.
0:40 The first thing I want to tell you is that email lists are very valuable, now I am not talking about email lists that maybe people have gotten from
0:48 some place you can buy a bunch of emails and they are kind of filled with a bunch of people that don't care,
0:52 but I am talking about people who have come to your webpage, like what you are doing enough to actually enter their email address into your site
0:59 and say "hey, please email me when you have something interesting to say". Those are highly, highly valuable and convert far better than Twitter
1:07 or Facebook or YouTube or these sorts of things. It's easy to miss that because you don't see email,
1:14 you don't got o a company and see their email list, like you do see their Twitter followers for example,
1:19 it's kind of the dark matter of marketing and outreach, but it's super important, so we are going to focus on it.
1:26 In fact it's so important that a lot of companies, before they even launch, will create a landing page that is basically all you need to do is
1:33 put your email here and we'll tell you when we launch. So here is a company called Backpacker travel 2.0, they've since launched
1:40 but this was their landing page back in 2015 and you can see, it has the title, one sentence about what they do
1:48 and awesome new community for backpackers, and here: "notify me with your email" right here, OK,
1:54 super simple, super important to build that list of really engaged and interested customers before they even launch.
2:03 They also have social media, Facebook and Twitter, I would say probably the two most important,
2:07 it's the email address that is the thing they are going after here. And I encourage you to do something like this before you launch your app as well.
2:15 As soon as possible start to gather interested contact information, you'll get your domain out a little bit sooner,
2:21 which will get it older in the search engines, which again helps in ranking it higher, but most importantly this will build your email list.

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