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Chapter: Accessing databases from Python: SQLAlchemy ORM
Lecture: Going deeper with SQLAlchemy

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0:01 So those are the core elements of SQLAlchemy. You'll see it in action as we go through the rest of the course,
0:08 so you'll probably learn a few more things, but I think you know the majority of the key elements that you need to build your application.
0:15 Now if you want to get the full story, the history how it's built, why it was built and so on, from the creator of SQLAlchemy himself,
0:22 listen to this Talk Python episode number 5 with Mike Bayer who created SQLAlchemy back in 2005 and he talks about how it's evolved over time,
0:32 from 2005 to I think this was recorded in 2015.

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