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Chapter: Accessing databases from Python: SQLAlchemy ORM
Lecture: Demo: Review of creating albums

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0:00 So let's review, real quickly. The core element of what we did was this create album method, so we created an album and we gave it the data needed,
0:10 the way we did this is we create a session using the session factory, in this case we were inserting so we allocate new objects
0:16 and add them to the session, we want to add some related dependent objects like these tracks, so we go and use our relationship that we have,
0:24 we append to the tracks and when things got inserted, all the foreign key relationships for the auto-incremented ids were all worked out
0:32 we called commit, we returned the album, we did a little print, we haven't looked at that yet but somewhere in here
0:38 there should be created a new album with id 2. So you can see that after we called commit our album
0:46 now actually had its primary key back which we can use for all sorts of things, you maybe want to use this for further processing in your app.

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