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Chapter: Accessing databases from Python: SQLAlchemy ORM
Lecture: Popular deployments

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0:03 Let's talk for a moment about some popular deployments of SQLAlchemy. So, I think it's really important when you use a technology to see
0:13 that there are other major companies being successful with it, often importantly beyond the realm in which you are going to use it,
0:20 so you know what you are getting into is going to scale as far as you need it to. So let's look at what some major companies are doing with SQLAlchemy.
0:28 Dropbox is using SQLAlchemy internally, doing some really cool stuff, remember, Dropbox is basically the center of the universe for Python
0:36 with the founder Guido van Rossum there and a bunch of the core developers, so this is a good thing to know that they are using SQLAlchemy.
0:45 Uber, I love Uber, so much better than taxis, right, and Uber you can imagine, this is a huge deployment that Uber has
0:53 in terms of all of their data needs, SQLAlchemy here, that's great. Reddit, Reddit is interesting in that they use the core, not the ORM layer,
1:01 and Reddit gets a ton of traffic, and Reddit is using SQLAlchemy, so that is really cool.
1:07 Firefox is using it, OpenStack, the open source alternative to like AWS, right,
1:14 there is huge set of tools and cloud infrastructure, those guys are using that,
1:19 Fresh Books for invoices and billing, like if you are an independent contractor, and you want to create invoices and give them your clients,
1:28 Fresh Books, they use SQLAlchemy, that's great. Hulu, Hulu is pretty sweet, lots of video streaming fun to be had there,
1:35 and that video streaming fun is powered by- you guessed it, SQLAlchemy. Yelp, Yelp is pretty awesome. Triomet, shout out to the local transit
1:43 here in Portland Oregon, so that is like the buses and the trains and whatnot. And of course, Talk Python and my related websites, like I said,
1:52 the website that you are looking at right now is powered by SQLAlchemy. If you want to know exactly what each one of these companies is doing,
2:00 with SQLAlchemy, you can see that link there at the bottom lists all of these companies and many more
2:07 and it actually has a paragraph or two describing what each one of them are doing with SQLAlchemy.
2:12 So if you want to dig in even farther, go and have a look otherwise, we are going to get started digging into the details of SQLAlchemy.

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