Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Web design: CSS Frontend frameworks and Bootstrap
Lecture: Introduction to Bootstrap Themes

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0:02 So you now know about Bootstrap.
0:05 But there is one last step to go from bad to decent to amazing.
0:10 So far we've gone from bad to decent, using the basics of Bootstrap.
0:16 So here let's call this bad one number one.
0:18 Number two, this is our basic page with Bootstrap, we could now improve this of course,
0:24 with our dialogues and out buttons and things like that,
0:26 but still, this design is not going to win too many users.
0:31 We need to really let our page shine.
0:34 So what we are going to do to make that happen is
0:36 we are going to take our knowledge of Bootstrap, our knowledge of HTML and put it together with themes.
0:41 So, we could start with this thing on the left
0:44 with basic CSS in Bootstrap we get to middle,
0:48 and then with the Bootstrap theme, we get something super compelling
0:51 and modern looking here on the right.
0:54 One of the wonderful things about themes and Bootstrap themes in particular is
0:58 there are many to choose from, so you'll see you get a lot of choice
1:01 on how your page looks
1:03 then you can mix in a few images you get from a graphic artist
1:06 or from some sort of stock photography,
1:08 put your own copy in there and you are ready to roll.