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Chapter: Web design: CSS Frontend frameworks and Bootstrap
Lecture: Introduction to Dialogs in Bootstrap

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0:04 So dialogues are relatively new to the web world, they are not new but compared to everything else, they are fairly new.
0:11 The primary benefit of working with dialogues is people don't need to leave your page,
0:15 you don't obviously need to use nasty secondary pop up windows, which was never great.
0:20 Let's look at an example and how I've used dialogues on my training website, so here I am in an incognito window, so not logged in,
0:28 on one of the course listing pages, and it happens to be this course, you can see the URL at the bottom if you want to try this yourself.
0:34 If you click on one of these lectures, and you are not logged in... It's important that's you're not logged in for this to work,
0:40 it will pop up a dialogue that says "hey look, you are not signed in and you don't own this course,
0:44 so I am not really going to let you watch the video, because I spend a lot of time on this, I've got to pay the bills, or go do something else,
0:51 and I don't want to go do something else, so help support the course by paying for it."
0:54 Well, here I am using this dialogue in Bootstrap to pop up two very quick options, they could either sign in, if for some they weren't signed in
1:04 and they just didn't realize "oh, if I sign in then I get to my course", or you can click that button and it will go to Stripe
1:09 and do a credit card purchase right there, we'll get to that section later. If neither of those two options make sense,
1:16 maybe you are not sure what this course is about, you want to see whether maybe you want to buy it maybe you don't,
1:21 I put a little description in a video at the bottom where you can watch something very much like this video itself
1:27 to help convince people you know, give them a little bit of proof that these videos and these courses are not crummy
1:33 but actually pretty decent quality. You'll see that adding this functionality to our web application is super easy with Bootstrap.

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