Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Web design: CSS Frontend frameworks and Bootstrap
Lecture: Concept: navbars

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0:03 So let's review the key elements of Bootstrap navigation.
0:07 At the top we have a nav element,
0:09 you can also use a div but nav is preferred if possible,
0:13 and we are going to set the class to be navbar and navbar-default,
0:17 remember that makes it white, you want to use navbar-inverse to make it dark.
0:21 And then, we have a header, that's going to have the brand and the toggle element,
0:25 and we are going to have the part
0:27 that would be collapsed, which would be all the menu items.
0:31 Here we actually have two sets of menu items,
0:33 we have the ones that have the active flag on
0:37 so albums, events and shop, those stick to the left,
0:40 and then in the upper right we want account and logout.
0:43 Maybe we would make that a single thing with the dropdown, who knows.
0:46 We do that via navbar-right.