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Chapter: Web design: CSS Frontend frameworks and Bootstrap
Lecture: Front-end framework Survey

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0:03 So let's take a quick survey of frontend frameworks. We said that we are using Bootstrap for this course,
0:10 and Bootstrap is by far the most popular and widely used one. But Bootstrap is just one among many frontend CSS design frameworks.
0:21 Here is Bootstrap, this site that you are looking at right now, I just grabbed one off the internet, this one is designed and built in Bootstrap.
0:29 Now, at the top I put the number of GitHub stars for each project
0:34 so you can see relatively how popular it is and then the link to get it at the bottom,
0:38 so you can see that Bootstrap has little over a 100 thousand GitHub stars that is some serious love it's getting,
0:45 The second most popular framework is Semantic UI. And you can see it's quite popular as well, 30 thousand GitHub stars
0:54 and its main claim to fame is that it's very simple and easy to work with as well as it integrates with many third party libraries
1:01 so it's easy to bring lots of stuff together. Foundation is a lovely looking framework,
1:07 and it sells itself as an enterprise-grade responsive frontend framework And so, you can check it out, it's got 24 thousand GitHub stars,
1:15 all of these are extremely popular, it's just sort of dwarf by Bootstrap, right. So this one is really popular, really well done.
1:23 Materialize is cool if you like the Google Material design and you want to bring that design into your web application, you can use Materialize.
1:32 Again, 21 thousand stars, Gaggle Mail, this is not the website for Materialize, but it is actually a website built with Materialize,
1:40 and personally I think this looks fantastic, right, this is a really good looking way to build your website and like I said,
1:47 if you want to make it look consistent with Google's Material design, this is really great. And there are many, many more such frontend frameworks.
1:55 This article here, you can see the URL at the bottom, it is the top ten frontend frameworks of 2016, and of course,
2:02 all the frameworks I just showed you are listed there, but there are another six or so. So you can look around there, what's cool about this article is
2:10 it says here are the pros of this frontend framework, here are the drawbacks of this frontend framework,
2:15 and what makes it special, where you can find it, where you can learn more.
2:18 So, if you are not yet decided what you want to use, check out this article, this is cool.
2:23 I'm here to tell you that Bootstrap is by far the most popular, and that has important knock on effects, so it's not just well,
2:31 other people know how to use it or you can find answers on Stack Overflow, but when you get to the themes, it's much easier to find the Bootstrap theme
2:38 that looks great that you can use, it's not expensive or has the right licensing, a Semantic theme right, just popularity helps there.

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