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Chapter: Web design: CSS Frontend frameworks and Bootstrap
Lecture: Front-end frameworks introduction

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0:03 It's time to go from decent design to really good design. We are going to use something called a frontend framework to do this,
0:11 so let's talk about what we are going to particularly focus on about frontend frameworks. We are going to start by doing a quick survey,
0:18 in this course we are going to use Bootstrap, but you'll see that Bootstrap is not the only choice and I am not necessarily recommending you use it
0:24 because there is actually a ton of good choices which we'll see a few of them right now,
0:29 Bootstrap is just the most popular and the one I really know the best so that's why I use it.
0:34 Speaking of Bootstrap, we are going to do a quick introduction for those of you who haven't heard of Bootstrap,
0:39 or I am sure you have heard of Bootstrap but maybe don't know exactly what is that comprised of and what the moving parts there are.
0:46 We are going to focus specifically on the grid layout. Now, this is a topic that very much likely would be best at the end
0:54 because this is kind of a complicated topic relative to the other Bootstrap stuff which is very obviously visible and visual,
1:01 but it's also one of the most important parts about Bootstrap, we are going to use it for the other examples in this chapter
1:07 so we are going to put it right up front and focus on grid layout. Next come up a set of UI components,
1:14 these are buttons, images, forms, navigation, dialogue, and themes. So we are going to focus on these various parts of Bootstrap that we can work with,
1:22 the first five or so are quite small, see there is a really great set of buttons for call to actions,
1:28 a lot of small classes you can apply to images to get a big bang for your buck and so on.
1:34 But themes at the end is the thing that really makes this super important as the entire chapter, because,
1:40 while knowing how to use Bootstrap is important, if you just start from there, you still have to basically be a designer
1:46 and be creative and build this, and even if you are, you don't necessarily want to start from zero,
1:52 you want to start from more or less something that is like what you want to work with,
1:55 so we'll see that themes allow us to find something that is a very close fit to the design that we are looking for,
2:01 and then we can just drop in and boom, make it ours. Finally, we are going to bring this all together by building out this
2:08 Bootstrap-based design using a beautiful theme for the Blue / Yellow Rockets website.
2:14 So you've seen several pictures of the Blue / Yellow Rockets website as I've talked about what we are going to build throughout this course,
2:20 this is what we're actually going to put that HTML, CSS and images together to make something that looks like our end product.

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