Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Build web apps with Pyramid: Applied web development
Lecture: Introduction to Chameleon templates

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0:01 Let's take a moment and talk about the options we have
0:04 for templates and template languages.
0:07 So three of the most popular template languages for Python are
0:11 jinja2, Mako and Chameleon.
0:15 As you've seen, Chameleon is default template language in Pyramid
0:20 but it's not the only option, if you prefer jinja2,
0:23 then wherever you see the include
0:26 and the requirement specification for pyramid_chameleon
0:29 just change that to pyramid_jinja2.
0:32 Similarly, if you like Mako, go for that.
0:35 In this section we are going to focus on two things,
0:38 we are going to focus on how to use template to define data-driven HTML pages,
0:43 and how to use Chameleon to build a shared single definition of the site design.
0:50 So, how do we build one view that basically defines the master view
0:55 for all the pages and then each individual page just adds its own special content,
1:00 whatever it is about that page that is unlike all the others.