Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Build web apps with Pyramid: Applied web development
Lecture: Demo: Remember the site we built? It's back!

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0:01 Let’s just do a quick refresher on the web app that we built
0:03 that we are going to use for this entire chapter and continue building on afterwards.
0:07 This is a website that comes from the very first Pyramid section that we did,
0:12 we just created a new site and this is the one that we did with the command line,
0:17 and you can look over here and you can see I've made the copy,
0:19 this is the demos GitHub repository, come over here
0:23 you can see I've made a 4-applied-web dev and here is our app.
0:28 I just copied this over but I just wanted to make sure
0:30 that you guys had separate versions so you could see it in different stages.
0:34 Now, because I copied this over here, this one also had this local registration,
0:40 this development registration of the package that is the website,
0:43 so you are going to want to make sure when you come over here
0:46 and run this one that you overwrite that,
0:49 we could do that really easily, we can say "Tools, Run Task, Develop",
0:55 it looks like everything is good, and if you notice,
0:59 I am using the blueyellow Python environment that we created also in the previous section,
1:05 you can use the global one, you can use a different virtual environment,
1:09 but just be aware of which one you are using.
1:12 Now let's go and run the app, just see where we are starting from.
1:14 So this is basically the empty starter project, from Pyramid.
1:18 Now, remember our static caching that we had talked about before?
1:22 Now this project doesn't have that because when we started out,
1:25 we wanted to focus on Pyramid and then come back
1:28 to some of this CSS ideas and design ideas,
1:31 so what I am going to do is I am going to make a quick folder,
1:33 copy that code over and add it in here.
1:41 OK, so I've done a little reorganization, added the "css" and "image" folders, as well
1:46 as a "js", even though technically that is still empty,
1:49 and now our CSS files have this build_cache_id,
1:52 so we don't have to worry about them being stale
1:54 as we talked about previously in the web design section,
1:57 for ourselves while we are developing but especially for our users,
2:00 so everything is setup and ready to roll,
2:02 now we are ready to start working with Pyramid handlers
2:05 and develop our web app for the Blue / Yellow Rockets.