Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Web design foundations
Lecture: CSS: Floating Concepts

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0:03 Let's review the main ides behind this floating concept,
0:06 so here is the goal, we want this image to float right,
0:08 stick to the top, and stay within this little black box that we put it in,
0:12 and message and other stuff to float left, and then, after that,
0:16 we want to go back to normal layout, put the main content below.
0:19 All right, so how does this work with "float"?
0:21 Here is our CSS file, we can just tell it "hey image, float to the right",
0:25 and like I said before, you are going to probably need to be more specific
0:28 like image #cat if the cat had cat id or something like this, right,
0:35 you don't want to float all the images,
0:37 you want to float a specific one but we are going to go to the image
0:40 and we say "float right", and then we are going to make sure
0:44 that the image precedes all the stuff that it's suppose to float or wrap around it,
0:47 in this case it's kind of bizarre, because it wraps to the left,
0:50 but the stuff that goes around it or is supposed to sort of be next to it,
0:54 in this floating, idea has to go after the thing, so we put the image first,
0:59 we tell the float and we put all the content we want there,
1:02 it's in a real app there is probably more than just "this is the message",
1:05 and then, when we are done, remember the cat was sticking out of this top div,
1:09 and we need to tell it like: "Hey, stop wrapping around all that stuff,
1:12 we are done with this idea of wrapping, go back to normal."
1:15 And the way you do that is you say "clear: both" for the style
1:19 and you can put it on anything, it could be hyperlink, it could be whatever,
1:21 but here is more or less invisible element, which is a zero height div
1:27 and that's just as good as any.
1:29 So when we want to stop wrapping, we say "clear: both",
1:32 "left" or "right" are the other options.