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Chapter: Web design foundations
Lecture: CSS Further Reading

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0:00 Finally, if when you get to the end of this chapter you feel like
0:03 "well, that was really great but I really need more,
0:05 I need to dig in and actually learn CSS better, web design better",
0:09 the place that really helped me was, maybe not a place
0:12 but a book called "CSS: The Missing Manual"
0:15 So this book I found very approachable
0:17 and I sort of went through it and learned a little bit each day and got better at it.
0:21 I think you'll get a ton out of going through this section, web design foundations,
0:25 and then the front-end frameworks we get to later,
0:27 but if you want further reading, you want more detail and maybe even a reference,
0:31 well, "CSS: The Missing Manual" definitely I think that's a good one.