Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Web design foundations
Lecture: The power of css

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0:01 Now I hope that you are comfortable heading down this path,
0:03 to get better with CSS and web design.
0:06 I want to show you something that is maybe way at the far end of like
0:10 where most of us are going to be but is also super inspirational.
0:13 So I don't know if you've seen this before but this place called CSS Zen Garden;
0:17 basically there is this page here and it has some content on it
0:22 and they ran some kind of competition on this page,
0:25 where they said can you take this page, which to me
0:28 looks very much circa 2005, year 2000 sort of Wordpressy feeling.
0:34 You can see things got like "Road to Enlightenment", some plain text,
0:37 "So What is This About", "Participation" and "Benefits" and so on.
0:40 And they took a bunch of submissions and you can go over here
0:43 and click this and see all of them but I pulled up a few that I think are pretty remarkable.
0:48 So what you are going to see on the next five tabs is exactly the same HTML file
0:53 the only thing they have done is change the styles, that they are applying to them.
0:58 Change the styles, right; the styles also may include like background images,
1:02 so really think of this like changing the images
1:05 and change the style but the structure of the HTML should be unchanged.
1:09 Check this out. So, here is the first one, remember, exact same content.
1:13 How about that? So this is kind of like an old style sort of printed book field
1:18 and as you scroll through it you can see The Beauty of CSS Design,
1:21 A demonstration of what can be accomplished, the "Road to Enlightenment",
1:25 selecting the design, and so here is a bunch of various things,
1:29 now let's go back and just compare -
1:31 A demonstration of what can be accomplished, the "Road to Enlightenment", "Participation",
1:36 here is the various people that are showing up here, things like that.
1:40 Cool, right? Again, just changing the CSS.
1:43 Let's try the next one.
1:45 Here again is the same page and if I make it a little wider,
1:47 it even goes to the side a little bit here
1:50 and you can see we have this kind of robot, like 1960s robot character
1:54 in this background and again, The Beauty of CSS,
1:56 A demonstration of what can be accomplished
1:59 and if you scroll down you can see the robot sort of stays there,
2:01 that's cool and "Participation", look at how awesome it is,
2:04 look at how different these designs are and all they are doing is putting different styles
2:07 and layouts on the various text blocks and images and so on.
2:11 Here is another.
2:12 Again, super different, A demonstration of what can be accomplished,
2:15 but what you can see here is what can be accomplished is quite amazing.
2:20 So these are all the various pieces,
2:22 I don't totally love this design but I love how it's so different than the others.
2:26 Here is another, kind of some cool CSS animations again, these various pieces,
2:31 all the text, laid out entirely differently.
2:35 So, I really like this one, that's cool.
2:37 And then, we can kind of look at this last one, it's a little bit like a boy scout type of thing,
2:42 the zen garden troupe, here you can see they've got their very awesome Apple
2:46 or is that an Apple or Macintosh, something like that.
2:49 Old school Apple there and again,
2:51 very very different look and feel compared to what we have before.
2:54 All of that came from this standard basic page by just changing the CSS file
2:59 and the images the CSS file brings in.
3:03 So there you have it, if you need to get inspired about what CSS can do,
3:08 you can go and head on over to
3:11 and you can see all sorts of amazing designs.
3:14 Right here all of these are, remember,
3:16 the same HTML, it's just different CSS coming into play.