Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Web design foundations
Lecture: Design intro

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0:02 It's time to talk about web design.
0:05 Design is critically important these days,
0:08 it used to be we could create ugly sites and as long as they are functional,
0:11 people would use them.
0:13 Seriously, go back and look at the early days of Yahoo
0:15 and it's just unimaginable what that thing looks like.
0:18 But today, things like fancy mobile apps, sites like AirBnB and so on,
0:23 people expect a nicer user experience,
0:26 and of course, we want to deliver it for them.
0:29 Now, before we get too far into this entire chapter,
0:31 let me ask you: Could you design this site today, could you design AirBnB,
0:36 the way it is on the screen here today, without much effort?
0:39 If you could, you could probably skip this section,
0:42 we are going to be talking about foundational stuff, some of the core concepts in CSS,
0:47 and some techniques we can use to make our life easier when working with CSS.
0:51 If you could literally design this site today, then feel free to skip to the next chapter.
0:58 All right, are you still here?
1:00 Great, then I am assuming that you are probably thinking "but I'm not a designer",
1:04 and if I presented this page to you, this is a pure HTML unstyled page
1:11 and if I presented that to you and I said make that look like AirBnB,
1:15 make that look beautiful like something, someone comes across on the web
1:19 and says "wow, this is an amazing app, I must have this", you are probably thinking
1:23 oh my Gosh there is no way, I don't even know how to begin.
1:27 I just want to put this out here,
1:29 we are not starting from here, we are starting from a much better place.
1:33 Now, before we get into all the details of where we are starting and the tools we are using,
1:36 let's talk about some of the goals for this chapter, this next series of videos.
1:41 So, my primary goal is to make you not fear web design,
1:45 if your design is something you haven't been doing for a long time, and like I said,
1:50 you identified with that guy with the axe or the hammer in the previous screen there,
1:55 you shouldn't fear web design, I'll give you all the techniques,
1:58 there is a handful of techniques that will make this so much better
2:02 and so much easier and we'll start from there
2:04 and so I want to make design your advantage,
2:07 help you push through any barriers that you might have or challenges you might have
2:10 so that you can build maybe not perfect AirBnB-looking apps,
2:14 but good enough so that either it could be a prototype or you can evolve it
2:20 or maybe bring on a graphic designer at the very end.
2:23 So the goal of this chapter is to learn the CSS basics.
2:27 Now, we could go on and on and on and have an entire course on CSS,
2:31 but that's not the theme of this course;
2:34 the theme of this course is teach you enough for each step
2:37 so that you can get about building your business and do something awesome,
2:40 so keeping on that theme, we are going to talk about just a handful of items
2:43 starting with CSS selectors.
2:45 You must know CSS selectors to be effective with CSS.
2:49 Also, the CSS box model and related to that how the box model
2:54 plays with the layout and display modes.
2:56 We are also going to talk about floating items, you know,
2:59 making this thing stick to the right side of the screen,
3:01 while stuff floats around it and stuff like that.
3:03 When things don't go perfect, you'll want to use the browser developer tools,
3:07 so we'll talk briefly about the browser developer tools with how they relate to CSS.
3:12 Think of this whole chapter as a precursor to the front-end frameworks,
3:16 so that when we get there, you'll be comfortable and confident with working with them.
3:20 OK, so I want to tell you you can learn enough web design.
3:24 Even if thing on the right here totally scares you, we are not starting from here,
3:27 that's what it looked like in 1996, but thankfully, it's not 1996, it's 2016, at least at the
3:34 recording of this video, so today we have things like
3:37 front-end frameworks, Bootstrap UI Kit, we have font sets
3:41 including all the typography and settings that come with the front-end frameworks
3:44 but also things like Font Awesome,
3:47 which is basically that you bring in hundreds of different types of little graphics
3:50 that you can use and style into your site perfectly.
3:53 There is theme aggregators that take the various front-end themes
3:57 and then create a whole bunch of different styles on those
4:00 and then you can go pick one, download it and stick into your site;
4:03 and we have graphic arts on demand.
4:06 So, for really cheap things you can drop in on Fiverr for example
4:11 and spend five, ten bucks and get some decent logo or picture
4:15 for more nuance things maybe somewhere like 99designs;
4:18 we'll talk more about these options way way later in the class.
4:22 The final thought that I want to leave you with is: You can learn enough web design
4:26 to make decent products and decent websites.
4:29 If you take the tools I am going to show you in this class
4:32 and you put a little effort into learning the CSS basics
4:35 and a little bit of practice, you'll be totally fine.
4:37 I feel like, personally the sites I build these days,
4:40 they might not be AirBnB quality but they are definitely decent,
4:43 and I used to fear working on the web I totally was just a rich client sort of guy
4:49 and could totally get that stuff right, but web CSS, I had no idea.
4:53 So, some of the things I'll show you kind of helped me on my journey
4:56 and I think they'll help you as well.