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Chapter: Digging Further into Git
Lecture: Working with Git

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0:01 We got our first taste of Git and GitHub in the previous chapter, and we have a little bunch of monotonous one-time setup where we installed Git,
0:08 signed up for GitHub and configured our account so that everything was connected.
0:11 With all that out of the way, we're going to get more hands on with Git in this chapter. First, we're going to take a look at the Git commands,
0:19 git add, commit, status, push, pull, remote and a few others. These are the basic building blocks of Git that allow us
0:25 to use it as a version control system. Source control is critical even if you're working on your project by yourself,
0:30 if you're working with others, we're also going to cover collaborating with other GitHub users, we'll add collaborators to our repository,
0:37 and take a look at how pull requests and issues work. Learning about collaborating through GitHub will set us up great for later on,
0:43 in one of the chapters where we take a look at working with other people on our businesses.
0:17 Most of our time in the videos in this chapter are going to be spent on the command line,
0:51 it's better to get comfortable with all the Git commands on the command line first,
0:54 because that's really where you're going to be working most of the time.
0:56 But we'll also take a look at graphical user interfaces, these GUIs are clients that can make some confusing tasks easier by providing visuals
1:03 that make it easier to understand the outcome of the commands we're trying to run. Those are the three primary objectives for this chapter.
1:10 I also recommend that you take some time each day to practice using Git so you can build your muscle memory,
1:16 so the Git is a tool that boosts your productivity rather than getting in your way whenever you are trying to get something accomplished.
1:20 Both Michael and I have been using Git for the last several years
1:23 and I can say with experience: When you use it regularly, the tool becomes second nature to you

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