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Chapter: Source Control and Git
Lecture: Adding SSH keys in GitHub

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0:01 Whether you're on Windows, Linux or Mac, we now have both the public and private SSH key
0:06 that will allow us to control access to our repositories on our GitHub account.
0:10 Switch over into location where you've created your public and private keys. We can say we have our private key and again,
0:18 don't share your private key with anyone because it's the only mechanism we have to control access to our repositories.
0:23 And then we have our public key, we take a look at what's inside our public key, we're going to see a hash with our email address.
0:30 now go ahead and copy this and we're going to paste it into GitHub in just a moment; switch over to your browser where you have GitHub open.
0:39 Now chances are your account's looking pretty barren right now, because you haven't created any repositories,
0:43 and you haven't really done any work with your GitHub account.
0:46 We're going to change that very soon. But first, we need to add this public SSH key to our account. Click on your account's icon, and go to settings.
0:55 Over on the left side, click SSH and GPG keys and then click the button for new SSH key,
1:01 give it a title, such as the computer that you're on, like Macbook and we could say "Development key", just some sort of description
1:08 that allows us to know what we're adding this key for. Then paste in the contents of that key file, just double check there are no spaces
1:16 or anything that was added in there, but GitHub likely will complain if there's any problems with it, click add SSH key.
1:23 Now we have that added to our account and we can use this to control privileges for creating and cloning repositories on our account,
1:30 so that's all we needed to do to add an SSH key, a public SSH key onto our GitHub account
1:36 and now we're going to be able to use this as access privileges on our account.

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