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Chapter: Source Control and Git
Lecture: Installing Git

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0:01 Let's get ready to use Git by downloading and installing it on our system. Now in this video, we'll use Mac Os X
0:09 but the steps should be roughly the same on Windows or Linux. The first thing you want to do is open a new browser tab, and go to
0:23 This is the main page for Git. Go ahead and scroll down, go to the downloads page and you'll see download links for all the major operating systems
0:33 and then it'll auto detect which operating system you are using and then give you a little download button over here on the right.
0:42 We'll say download for Mac, the download will get started, and we'll get it on our system, this will give us the latest version of Git.
0:50 Once this download is complete, we'll just need to click on it, and on Mac it will verify, open it up, and we can just open this up.
1:01 Now, the one issue you may have is if you have not enabled unidentified packages under security
1:08 you will need to go into system preferences and update the security for that. Go under security settings and we can say unlock the changes,
1:21 enter your password, and allow apps to be downloaded from anywhere. Now you can say allow from anywhere or you can just specify that one last place.
1:34 Close this, go back to it, continue, install, again password, it is installing software that will be used system-wide
1:46 and that is why it actually needs your system password. Close this, we can close this out, now the last piece,
1:53 we just need to go into terminal in order to be able to use it, so I can open up a new finder window,
2:00 go to applications, utilities, terminal, double click on terminal then we type in the command "git", we're all set. Now we can start using it.
2:11 Now that we've downloaded and installed Git we just need to perform a few first-time configuration commands
2:16 and that's what we'll work on in the next video.

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