Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Source Control and Git
Lecture: What is Git?

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0:01 In this video we'll learn about what Git is.
0:04 Git is a specific implementation of the source control concept.
0:09 It is the actual tool that you'll be using in order to keep track of your file histories.
0:14 Git was originally created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds,
0:19 who also created the Linux operating system, and that was back int he early 1990s.
0:24 Linus and a team of thousands of developers needed a source control system
0:29 that would scale to thousands of maintainers, and so they created Git.
0:35 A major advantage of Git is that it is both free and open source.
0:40 And because it's used by a project team on a major operating system
0:44 to underpin all the changes that they make to their files,
0:47 you know that it will scale to whatever size business you are able to grow.
0:53 Now Git may look a bit complicated at first, so you'll see something like this,
0:57 "git status" and it will display a bunch of changes that have been made,
1:01 but over the next few videos
1:03 you'll become very comfortable with the basic commands,
1:06 so when you see something like "git status", "git add", "git commit" and "git push",
1:11 you'll know exactly what they are doing.
1:13 These are the basic building blocks of working with the Git version control system
1:18 you'll become very comfortable with them shortly.
1:21 In the next few videos we are going to download and install Git,
1:24 so if you already got Git on your system, you are good to go,
1:27 you can skip that video.
1:28 We'll then perform a few first time configuration options
1:31 and then get started with the command line interface. Let's dive in.