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Chapter: Source Control and Git
Lecture: Source control concepts

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0:01 In this section, we are going to go over source control with Git and GitHub. But what is source control? Source control is a concept,
0:09 and we are going to use a specific implementation of source control named Git. Source control stores the project files,
0:16 all of your code and related documentation, and every modification made to those files. Source control is also commonly referred to as version control,
0:26 so you'll hear those terms used interchangeably. A huge advantage to using source control is it allows us to track changes
0:33 made to each of our files and then revert to previous versions, just in case we made mistakes or we want to go back to a previous feature that we had.
0:42 Now when should we use source control? Use source control right from the beginning of our project.
0:47 It's important not only for independent projects, ones that you are working on just by yourself, and also projects that you are working on with others,
0:55 it's truly required for working with others, so that you don't step on each other's toes when it comes to making changes to your code.
1:02 And the best part about source control is that it allows you to aggressively experiment with your code.

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