Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Build web apps with Pyramid: Part 1
Lecture: Managing outside dependencies

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0:03 Python comes with pip and pip is all about installing packages
0:06 and making sure we have the latest up-to-date version
0:09 of all the various Python libraries we are using.
0:12 But web apps are not just about Python.
0:14 In fact, you don't typically even see the Python as a user,
0:18 but what you do see are CSS frameworks, JavaScript libraries
0:22 and various front-end interactive pieces
0:24 and PyCharm and pip have no real great way to deal with those dependencies.
0:30 But there are a couple of systems out there that do.
0:32 One of them is Bower,
0:34 another one that comes to mind is npm, which comes with Node.
0:38 So you can find Bower at
0:41 Here you can see their little slogan
0:43 "Web sites are made of lots of things - frameworks, libraries, assets and utilities.
0:47 Bower manages all of these things for you."
0:49 Yeah, that's exactly right.
0:51 So let's look at our website in PyCharm and see where these dependencies might be
0:55 and how we can switch to using Bower to manage them.
0:58 Here is the app we created in PyCharm using the scaffolding.
1:02 Notice here we have some static pieces, the Pyramid logo, the CSS theme and so on,
1:08 and so where are dependencies?
1:10 We are actually using JavaScript and we are using CSS,
1:13 front-end frameworks, we are using for example Bootstrap,
1:16 well, the way it works, if we go over here to this template,
1:19 we are going to pull this out, so there is one common template
1:22 that is shared across all the views, but let's just focus on this one template for now.
1:26 Notice right here, the open source MaxCDN, we are using Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.3
1:31 and we are importing that.
1:33 We are also using HTML5 Shiv and Respond.js,
1:37 we are pulling these off the dedicated versions on the CDN.
1:41 Well, this is pretty good and there probably are some benefits to this
1:44 for our users and that if they have gone to another site
1:47 that also uses this exact version off of this exact CDN,
1:51 they won't have to load it, it makes development harder
1:54 and you have dependencies on the CDN and personally, I don't really like it,
1:57 so for example what if you are on an airplane
2:00 or you are in a coffee shop with poor Wi-Fi or something like that,
2:03 and you'd like to work on your web app,
2:04 you better hope you've already cached these things.
2:06 So let's switch to local versions that we can control more carefully
2:09 and we'll do that with Bower.
2:12 One more set of dependencies we probably have down at the bottom,
2:14 here you can see that we depend on jQuery and we also depend on the JavaScript
2:20 that comes out of Twitter Bootstrap, which of course itself depends on jQuery.