Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Build web apps with Pyramid: Part 1
Lecture: Template variations / inconsistencies

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0:00 Now, before we close out this section,
0:03 I want to talk really quickly about a slight variation
0:06 that has happened in the template over time.
0:08 If you look at the github repository, you can see over here
0:12 this is the blue yellow app that we have created
0:14 and we've got our temples folder, and it has a my template,
0:18 this was created by the scaffolding, the starter scaffolding.
0:21 And we used it throughout the whole rest of the class
0:23 and so I'm not changing this, even though it actually turns out to be
0:27 not exactly what you're going to get when you say
0:29 run cookiecutter with your template,
0:31 because there's just so much material that builds on it,
0:33 it wouldn't make sense to try to redo it
0:36 because the changes are super small, but I do want to address them,
0:38 just so you understand what's going on.
0:40 So over here, we're going to have just by default a single file
0:44 which makes it really hard to reuse the design and flow and so on,
0:48 and we actually get to a section where I show you one way
0:50 how to do that and it works totally fine,
0:52 so we're going to sort of add later
0:54 the feature that the template comes with these days,
0:57 but just to show you, if we look over the one we just created
1:00 in the previous set of videos, there's a layout and my template
1:04 so the layout is like an outer shell that could be reused
1:07 across different pages that you want to add
1:10 and the my template here is, what's unique
1:14 about that particular page the content of that page.
1:18 In the previous versions it was all squished together,
1:21 here they broke it into two pieces, if you create one and start from here
1:26 just keep going with the way they have it,
1:28 this is actually a little bit nicer than the way it used to work;
1:30 feel free to keep this flow and go with this layout in this my template thing here
1:35 when we get to the layout section, the global sort of shared master view layout
1:40 just realize that there'll be a slight variation here versus yours, okay,
1:45 and this one, if you start from the github repository code
1:49 instead of creating our own project, you will be able to follow along exactly.
1:53 Whichever you prefer is totally fine,
1:56 I just want to point out that the newest version of the template
1:59 generates a slightly different html templates than the previous scaffolding did,
2:04 so it will be a slight variation, but I don't think it's going to make
2:07 any difference to you, now that you know about the difference.