Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Build web apps with Pyramid: Part 1
Lecture: PyCharm Concepts

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0:01 Time to review creating a new pyramid web app in PyCharm.
0:05 So with PyCharm you can basically get all the stuff done at once
0:09 and you get a lot of help.
0:11 We're just going to go and say create a new project,
0:14 pick pyramid and say we would like to put the project here,
0:16 create a new virtual environment, set up all the details there,
0:20 we can pick the starter scaffold chameleon language
0:24 and the template is usually good,
0:27 so we'll just leave that there and click ok,
0:29 and that pretty much does all the steps that we needed,
0:32 except for a final one about registering the project.
0:35 So everything will be created, the virtual environment will be there
0:39 the scaffold will be selected and so on.
0:41 Once it opens up in PyCharm, the newest version that even shows you
0:45 a little dialogue or a drop down bar thing at the top that says,
0:49 hey you still have to run develop, click here to do that;
0:53 you can either click that or if you go to tools
0:56 you are just going to say run task
0:59 and actually pick a whole bunch of things to run
1:01 but pick develop of course,
1:03 and once that runs, we'll have our pyramid app created and ready to go,
1:07 and we'll have a little run configuration,
1:10 you press the button and boom, you get your two urls,
1:13 click one of the urls, it doesn't matter which,
1:15 click one of them and you will be up and running,
1:18 boom— here's your new pyramid web app, created by by PyCharm.