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Chapter: Build web apps with Pyramid: Part 1
Lecture: What can you build with Python?

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0:04 Over the next couple of videos, we are going to talk about choosing a Python web framework and which one we are going to use for this course.
0:14 Let's start by answering the question "what can you build with Python?" Well, it turns out there are a bunch of amazing products and companies
0:22 that you all use and are familiar with, built with Python. Let's look at a few of the use cases. The Onion, the hilarious fake news organization,
0:31 their web application is built in Python Spotify is also using Python for their web front-end
0:37 NASA - rockets and spaceships and all sorts of amazing stuff, they are using Python bitly, the short link app, is built with Python.
0:45 Bitbucket, Atlassian’s competitor to GitHub is built with Python, that's very nice Survey Monkey, they use Python all over the place
0:54 Quora, the best general Q&A spot on the internet, they are passionate, passionate users of Python,
1:01 not only do they use Python for most of their app and their web front-end,
1:05 you'll see them right frequently looking inside their engineering organization
1:09 talking about the challenges and how they solve them in Python and so on. Disqus, one of the most popular comment add-ins for your web site
1:17 so if you have a blog or say a podcast, and you want to have comments at the end, you can have this nice live pushed-based comment section
1:24 right at the bottom of your pages and that's largely done with Python, not 100% but much of it. Instagram uses Python in a lot of places.
1:32 Reddit, Reddit is a major user of Python for their website as well as SQLAlchemy for their database YouTube was built with Python
1:41 Pinterest built their website with Python PayPal is a massive user of Python, you'll see throughout their whole company
1:47 they are doing many interesting things with Python they are blogging and writing about what they are doing with Python
1:53 one of their services that does pricings for the exchange rate where they charge you some small percent for a transaction throughout the day
2:00 that service that answers that question what percent do people have to pay or what should PayPal charge you, throughout the day,
2:07 that service is written in Python and handles several billion requests per day, and is running down around the millisecond response time.
2:15 Dropbox maybe one of the biggest users of Python most of the backend stuff happening at the company at the server-side
2:22 at Dropbox is happening in Python. The client stuff side, the little box that does the sinking
2:28 and the app that runs on your machine, also Python interestingly, so you'll see that Dropbox is a major user of Python
2:34 and some of the Python core developers, as well as Guido Van Rossum, the creator of Python himself, work there.
2:40 So Dropbox is a heavy user of Python and an absolute hotbed of it. And finally, Talk Python, my websites, my podcast, my training site,
2:49 all run on Python and we are going to be of course looking inside the code that does that. If you'd like to see where this information came from,
2:57 read a little bit more about how each company or product is using Python, you can just check out this bitly URL down here at the bottom,
3:03 and there is a nice write up featuring these companies as well as more.

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