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Chapter: Python language refresher
Lecture: Concept reviews are at the end

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0:01 Before I close out this lightning review on refresher of Python, I want to point out that there is an appendix at the very end
0:07 covering many concept reviews. There is about 45 more minutes down here at the end, covering the language concepts point by point,
0:16 so if you need to understand "if" statements better, there is a short video on that, if you need to work with loops, there is a video on that;
0:22 define classes, you guessed it, a video on that. So we are going to move on to building web apps with Pyramid,
0:27 but if you feel like you need a little bit more, go and jump to the end, check out the language concepts on the part that are little shaky
0:33 and then come back to chapter 4 and move on. If you are ready to jump in to web development, you don't have to do anything,
0:39 you are going to be taken right there when this video finishes. Let's get started.

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