Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Python language refresher
Lecture: Refresher Intro

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0:03 So what you are going to learn in this chapter about Python?
0:06 Well, mostly it's really to give you enough Python to be able to follow along.
0:11 For example, when we get to the credit cards section,
0:14 when we integrate Stripe into our web app,
0:16 we are going to talk about exception handling with "try...except" blocks.
0:19 And, if you are not totally familiar with those, that might get a little confusing.
0:22 So we are going to give you a really short introduction
0:25 on exception handling and a bunch of other Python concepts like that.
0:29 That said, if you know all these ideas, if you are already a Python programmer,
0:33 don't feel bad about skipping this chapter, go ahead and skip the whole chapter,
0:37 go on to the next one, and then you can come back and use this as a reference.
0:41 This section will be broken into many small little videos, one core concept each.
0:46 So, if you find we are working with some idea and you are like,
0:49 Oh, I actually don't know this very well, just jump back to this chapter,
0:53 find that core concept, watch the video and then continue on where you left off.
0:58 That said, we are covering a lot of concepts in Python,
1:02 but this is not an introductory course.
1:04 If you really need to learn Python from scratch, and you want to do it in a solid way,
1:09 I recommend that you take my Python Jumpstart By Building 10 Applications course,
1:13 which you can find at
1:16 So we cover about the same number of concepts in that course, as we do in this one,
1:20 but that one covers it in seven hours, instead of however long - half an hour, an hour,
1:24 whatever this section turns out to be.
1:26 So, this chapter is a bit of a choose your own adventure,
1:29 if you stay here, we are going to do a demo in the next section
1:32 and we'll build a little game,
1:33 to get you comfortable with the Python language and the editors,
1:36 or skip this chapter and get right on to the next one.