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Chapter: Course setup and tooling
Lecture: What do you need to take this course?

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0:02 The first thing that you are going to need to take this course is Python. We are going to be using Python 3 in this course.
0:11 You may or may not know there is bit of a divide between an older version of Python called Python 2, sometimes referred to as legacy Python,
0:19 and a newer version of Python 3. But, the tide is basically turning and Python 3 is really the best choice to start new projects today.
0:28 We are not going to go into too much detail about the differences, we are just going to focus on Python 3 in this course.
0:34 You can download Python 3 from here if you don't have it or if you are on Linux you can use things like aptitude to get it,
0:41 we are going to actually go into detail how to setup all of these tools on your machines,
0:45 but just know Python 3 is one thing that's going to be required. The other is a great editor, and by far in my opinion
0:53 the best all around editor for building web applications in Python is PyCharm. So we are going to talk about how you download and install PyCharm,
1:02 there is multiple versions, editions I guess you would call them,
1:06 and we'll talk about which one you are going to need and why to choose that and so on.
1:11 There are other choices if you don't want to use PyCharm, you don't absolutely have to, you can work without it of course,
1:16 and we'll talk a little bit about that in the upcoming setup videos, but let me just leave you at the one thing - why would you use PyCharm?
1:24 You are going to see throughout this class why this is absolutely the case, but we are not there yet,
1:29 it's going to take a while to build up all the various moving parts, they are like OK, this thing really is awesome,
1:34 so while ago, back in 2015 I wrote a blog post called Nine Reasons You Should Be Using PyCharm
1:38 and you are welcome to check that out if you want to see just some of the benefits.

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