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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Corporate backers and deals

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0:02 So why do we have sponsors for this course that you paid for?00:05 Well, here's the deal- I knew that there is a bunch of companies making cool tools 00:10 like Jetbrains makes PyCharm which we're going to use in the class anyway, 00:13 and we've got Digital Ocean they have great hosting, 00:16 and I'm going to use them in the class anyway.00:19 So I thought hey look if I reach out to these guys 00:22 maybe I can get some special deals for you, 00:24 in fact that's exactly what I have in store, so hang in there.00:27 So how did I pick these sponsors?00:30 Well, actually I came up with a course outline 00:32 and I knew that I would be talking about PyCharm because I love PyCharm 00:35 regardless of whether or not they sponsor this,00:37 I knew I'd be talking about Digital Ocean, 00:39 I have all my servers running there and I've had great success;00:41 I knew I'd be talking about Rollbar, things like this.00:44 So I simply reached out to the companies I was going to feature anyway00:47 and said hey would you like to be part of this course 00:50 and give the students some things?00:52 They said, many of them said yeah that's awesome, 00:54 it looks like really cool what you're building, we'd love to work with you on this.00:57 So that's how we came up with them and because of that,00:59 this didn't really changed the content, it's not like we now have 01:02 a section on Rollbar because Rollbar sponsored the show,01:04 quite the reverse, we're going to have a section on Rollbar 01:07 and Rollbar decided to sponsor the show to be very supportive as part of that.01:11 So let me tell you quickly about the sponsors, and the things that they have to offer 01:15 and then we'll come back to each one of them later in the course.01:18 So, first of all Rollbar. Rollbar is super super important 01:24 if you're going to run your code in production 01:26 and you are going to do it as a small team 01:29 you won't have people constantly monitoring the servers, that's probably you; 01:32 and so with Rollbar, you can just basically add a few lines of code 01:35 to your pyramid web app or whatever type of web app you build 01:38 and anytime there is an error it will automatically capture all the details 01:42 and send those back, store them on Rollbar and send your notifications 01:46 like Slack or HipChat to your phone and so on.01:49 In fact, just about an hour ago, I pushed out a bad update to the site,01:53 something went wrong, I forgot to check something01:56 for when users were not logged in versus when they were logged in 01:59 and my phone started blowing up, 02:01 so instead of letting it just be broken for an hour or half an hour 02:05 whenever I go back and check my e mail and people say 02:08 hey Michael the site's broke what happened;02:10 oh yeah, yeah, I must have broken something.02:12 I immediately got a notification and fixed it, 02:14 so yeah I broke the site but Rollbar, they got my back.02:18 We will talk about integrating Rollbar in chapter 17,02:21 which is called logging and monitoring.02:24 So there we'll get into detail with Rollbar, they have a great free plan,02:28 so you can use basically use their services for free.02:32 PyCharm, we are going to use PyCharm throughout this course 02:35 that's the editor that I really like and you don't have to use PyCharm02:40 to do this course, but I very much like it, 02:42 and I think you're going to see as we go through the course 02:45 it has so much to offer that is really really worth using.02:48 They have a free community edition and that's cool, 02:51 the one drawback of that is it doesn't do web development stuff 02:54 so the PyCharm guys over at Jetbrains decided to offer all the students 02:58 a free three month pro license, so check your user account or a course page,03:03 I haven't quite integrated this yet, but either in your user account or on the course page03:06 you should see the ability to claim your PyCharm license.03:11 Digital Ocean is where I have all of my servers,03:14 they offer very high performance ssd backed virtual Linux servers,03:18 they are super fast, no nonsense, easy to set up, 03:22 and I just love them, we will be talking about them 03:25 when we get to the deployment section.03:28 Again, like PyCharm, these guys wanted to offer you something special 03:31 so they're giving every student a $50 credit 03:34 to do whatever you want at Digitial Ocean, you can get servers for five bucks03:37 so that could be like ten months of hosting; 03:39 or if you want to go crazy, get a slightly bigger ten dollar a month version 03:42 and you have still five months of free hosting,03:44 that's great, so check out Digital Ocean, we'll be talking 03:47 about Digital Ocean in the deployment chapter which is chapter 15.

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