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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: What we are going to build

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0:01 So you are ready to build your own business, we are going to build one together, and what are we going to build?
0:06 Well, we are going to build a rock and roll band's e-commerce site. And this is our favorite fictional tech-based
0:13 rock and roll band called The Blue/Yellow Rockets. And, you can see right on the screen we've got a nice design,
0:18 with the CSS front-end framework, this is Bootstrap, it's responsive, we also have mailing lists for users
0:24 who are interested in hearing more about our events that are not yet published, under the albums, if you went in there you would see that you could do
0:31 e-commerce, sign in and register lets us create accounts, most of the things that you can do in our app, you can see right on this front page here,
0:39 so we are going to build this app slowly; first we are going to start out just building a basic website that is static.
0:46 And then, we are going to add a little dynamicness to it, using SQLAlchemy and databases, then we are going to add credit cards and mailing lists
0:53 and all the stuff you need to do to build a business rather than just an app, and then we are going to deploy that
0:59 and use a little SEO to try to get it to show up in Google. So that's what we are going to build, and of course,
1:03 you want to have the source code, so how do you get it? Well, GitHub of course, here at this URL, you will be able to go and download
1:10 everything you see us create throughout this class, so I recommend you go right now to
1:20 Maybe that's a little bit long, but go there and either star this or fork it or both.

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