Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Built for random-access

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0:02 Here is a quick section to let you know that it's OK to skip around.
0:06 We didn't build this course for you to take it in a straight line,
0:08 part one, part two, part three and so on,
0:11 we built it to maximize the efficiency of you building and launching your online business.
0:17 If that means there is sections you already know,
0:19 and you want to skip over them, that's fine.
0:22 If there is something that's extra important and you want to start there,
0:25 you want to skip right to that,
0:26 like for example integrating credit cards into your system
0:30 or error monitoring or deployment, it's fine,
0:33 our goal is to maximize your productivity, to minimize the time
0:36 that it takes for you to get started.
0:38 So, maybe one path through the course starts like this:
0:41 you watch this introduction, including this video here,
0:43 you already know Python, so maybe skip that,
0:45 you don't know Pyramid, so make sure to do the Pyramid parts
0:48 but you have web design and CSS and Bootstrap,
0:51 you know those things, skip that, but maybe come back,
0:53 learn some SQLAlchemy, jump over the credit card section, and so on.
0:58 That's how the course was built,
1:00 we want these pieces to be somewhat independent,
1:02 even though the application builds up over time,
1:04 and we want to encourage you to get the most out of it
1:06 and not sit through an hour of something that you already totally know,
1:10 like for example CSS, if you know CSS.
1:13 We are also going to be giving you additional resources
1:15 so if you go through a section and you are like
1:17 "oh I really wish we went deeper into something" - both,
1:20 the Talk Python To Me podcast and Matt's Full Stack Python
1:23 have incredible amounts of additional resources,
1:27 for example, when we talk about Pyramid or SQLAlchemy,
1:30 we spend about an hour with each of the founders interviewing them
1:33 about their project where it came from,
1:36 where it's going, so we'll make it to those areas,
1:38 maybe I'll point you at those interviews for example.
1:40 And Matt has a whole book on deployment
1:43 and a ton on web servers and the DevOps side of things,
1:47 so he's got a ton of how-to articles and links that he'll be sharing throughout this course.
1:51 So, on one hand, skip around, jump over things you don't need,
1:54 and if we don't go deep enough,
1:57 we'll try to give you extra resources that you can find,
2:00 mostly from our resources that we build ourselves,
2:02 but also additional third party ones, if that makes sense.