Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet your instructors

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0:01 It's time to meet your instructors.
0:02 This course is co-written and co-recorded by Michael Kennedy,
0:06 that's me, from Talk Python
0:08 and Matthew Makai, from Full Stack Python.
0:10 We'll each be presenting various sections of this course,
0:13 and looking inside our individual businesses,
0:15 and that's why we wanted to take this moment,
0:17 show you our picture, let you get used to our voice
0:19 so you'll know who's presenting when.
0:21 Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
0:23 I'm Michael, hey nice to meet you,
0:25 I'm really excited that you are taking my class.
0:28 I created Talk Python To Me, the number one Python podcast
0:32 which, within almost year and a half has had over 2 million downloads.
0:37 That, in and of itself is a really interesting business story to cover
0:41 and a large portion of my income
0:43 actually comes from running the podcast day to day.
0:46 When it makes sense, we'll look inside the software or the techniques
0:49 I've used to start that podcast and make it successful.
0:53 Of course, you are taking this course through Talk Python Training,
0:56 and I started that as well and in the opening section I gave you
0:59 a bit of an introduction there,
1:00 but this part of my company was created in just a couple of weeks,
1:04 and then the first course was created about a month after that,
1:06 and many of the ideas and techniques in this part of my company
1:10 the e-commerce, the mailing list, those sorts of things
1:13 are definitely going to be covered in depth
1:15 and you'll be looking inside of that software,
1:17 seeing the source code I wrote to run my actual business,
1:19 not just a bunch of demoware.
1:21 Welcome to the course, I'm super excited to be sharing with you,
1:24 it's a course I wanted to create for a long time,
1:26 and I am honored to be creating with Matt Makai, from Full Stack Python.
1:30 Thanks Michael.
1:32 Hey folks, my name is Matt Makai, and I am the creator of Full Stack Python.
1:35 And I am also a developer evangelist with Twilio.
1:37 I started Full Stack Python back in 2012,
1:40 because I had a bunch of junior developers on my team
1:42 and I wanted to explain to them how to build and deploy web applications.
1:45 It just expanded out from there.
1:47 In 2014, I joined Twilio as a developer evangelist.
1:50 I started out in Washington DC
1:52 and now I am out here in San Francisco in the Bay area.
1:55 Twilio makes it easy for developers to add communications,
1:57 such as phone calling, messaging and video,
2:00 into their web and mobile applications.
2:03 The best part about this job is I get to help developers
2:05 build and deploy their applications,
2:08 just as I am going to explain some of the technical concepts
2:10 throughout this course that will help you build and deploy your own business.