Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: What types of things can you build

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0:00 Let's remind ourselves what you can build with Python.
0:02 We saw many different examples
0:03 of many different types of applications.
0:06 We built a website with Flask and that was incredibly easy
0:09 and also turns out to be very high performance
0:12 and quite popular. You can also build APIs
0:15 and you can build those APIs with Flask
0:17 or FastAPI or other types of frameworks.
0:20 Lots of options, many of them good.
0:22 Data Science, we did our domain authority thing
0:25 from Python Bytes, the podcast data
0:28 and we were able to do that using the Data Science tools
0:31 Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, MATLAB, so on, super easy
0:34 and very, very common.
0:36 AI, well, we didn't build any AI
0:38 or machine learning in this course
0:40 but you go look at all the libraries
0:42 all the important ones, they all have Python support.
0:45 Robotics, there's specific APIs
0:48 and even in whole operating systems
0:50 built around programming robots
0:52 and very strongly enabled with Python.
0:54 And it works really well with Python.
0:57 DevOps, we haven't done any DevOps
0:59 but Python's important there.
1:01 And again, if you're doing stuff in Excel
1:03 Python has some great answers for you.
1:05 Maybe that's using the Data Science libraries
1:07 like Pandas and Jupyter to replace Excel
1:10 or maybe it's just using one of the libraries
1:12 that lets you automate Excel from Python.