Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Open source

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0:00 Remember the quote from that Red Hat survey Enterprises are choosing open source not because it's cheaper although sometimes it is
0:09 but because it's genuinely better software. And that is largely true and of course Python is open sourced which gives it some many of these benefits.
0:19 We saw that you go over to github, and you can fork or just download Python and guess what, you have full control over it.
0:28 The license gives you permission to do that. But remember it's not just Python it's the ecosystem. We saw those 206,000 packages on
0:37 Almost every single one of those is open source. In fact, I can't think of one that is not although out of that many there probably are.
0:45 Obviously, I haven't looked and read the details about every single one. It's not just Python, the main thing is open source
0:51 but the bigger huge version of Python the level three of Python when you think about it that itself is also open source
0:58 so, open source across the board.

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