Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Python is four things at once

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0:00 Remember, when you talk about Python
0:02 when you compare Python to other languages
0:04 and ecosystems, when you talk to other folks
0:06 about should you adopt Python, is Python a good language
0:10 is Python a good choice, remember it's 4 things
0:12 so make sure you agree on what you're talking about.
0:15 It's a programming language.
0:16 We've seen a few examples of writing code.
0:18 Here's that Hello World example again.
0:21 It's the rich, standard library
0:24 like that collections module where we're able
0:26 to go get the counter and just ask
0:27 for the top 25 most common domains, boom, there it is.
0:31 That's the standard library.
0:33 The third-party libraries over at PyPI
0:36 that's the 809 Biology Libraries
0:39 that you can just grab for free.
0:41 And then the community.
0:42 We haven't really been able to experience the
0:44 community very much here, but trust me
0:46 if you go to the conferences, if you work with the people
0:49 in this community, they're very welcoming.
0:51 It's more diverse than many of the other
0:54 programming communities out there
0:55 and that makes it richer in a lot of powerful ways.
0:58 So, Python is these four things.
1:00 Language, libraries, ecosystem, and people.