Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: What we covered

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0:00 Now before we get out of here
0:01 let's spend just a few minutes doing a quick review
0:04 a high flyover of all the things we covered in this course.
0:08 Member we started by talking about what you can build
0:10 with Python and who used it and how.
0:14 Python means 4 things.
0:16 The language, the base class, their standard library
0:18 the external ecosystem, like PyPI, and the community.
0:22 Web development with Python is a joy.
0:24 There's so many choices that can make it a little hard
0:27 to choose, but once you figure out your bearings
0:29 it's actually really great.
0:31 Data science and Python are amazing.
0:33 Python is one of, if not the leading language
0:36 and technology in data science and scientific computing.
0:40 You saw some good examples of that.
0:42 Testing with Python, we have PyTest.
0:44 It's great, it tests our code
0:46 but we can also test other things.
0:47 We did a little bit versus, Python versus .NET and Java
0:51 Python versus Matlab, and Python versus
0:54 as well as with, C and C++.
0:57 We looked at Indeed and Stack Overflow Careers
0:59 to figure out what the job market around Python looks like
1:03 and finally we closed out the course
1:05 with win not to Python, or maybe
1:07 Python might not be the best option or a certain-use case.
1:11 There it is. This is what we covered.
1:14 Now we're going to dig in to each one of these one more time
1:16 for a quick review before we call it a wrap.