Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Time to decide

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0:00 Well, you've made it through the whole course.
0:02 Hopefully you found that
0:03 informative, entertaining, and enjoyable.
0:07 So now you have a big question.
0:08 What kind of coffee do you want?
0:09 Well, maybe not coffee, that was
0:11 our analogy at the beginning.
0:13 What kind of programming language do you want?
0:15 Is Python the right thing for you?
0:18 Should you maybe get a mix of Python
0:20 and some other language?
0:21 We saw that they can be complimentary
0:23 and they can work together.
0:25 So it's time to decide.
0:26 Play around a little bit, do some more research.
0:29 Hopefully you're off to a good start
0:31 with all the things you've learned in this course.