Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Python vs.
Lecture: Python vs. introduction

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0:00 You've got a really good look at the technical side
0:02 of Python, what it's good at, how it works
0:06 and it's time to take a bigger picture look
0:09 to step back and look at the broader developer ecosystem
0:13 and compare Python to other languages.
0:15 So in this chapter, we're going to go through a couple
0:18 of the likely alternatives to Python
0:21 in various situations and use cases and compare them.
0:24 How does Python work in, say, desktop apps versus .NET?
0:28 How does the computation notebook story
0:30 of Python compare to MATLAB?
0:34 So if you're trying to decide between Python
0:36 and something else, this is the chapter
0:38 where I take my best attempt at putting those side-by-side
0:40 and showing you the positives and negatives of each.