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Chapter: Web development with Python
Lecture: The final web design elements

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0:00 The very last element to finish this incredibly simple but surprisingly decent little web application is to update our templates to use our static CSS
0:10 that we put over here. We look at this, we've made a small change. We've put some buttons up here and we said
0:16 For each guitar, instead of just putting the name put this little section and put the image and put the name, and put the price.
0:24 Other than that, we have not yet really changed anything. Want to see the difference? Let's find out. Man look at that! Isn't that incredible?
0:33 Look, we got this cool web design here and we go click on guitars. Bam! There they are. We can see our guitars just like before listed on this page.
0:42 Wheezer Classic, Acoustic Black, Mellow Yellow but now with just a tiny bit of change in the instrumental
0:48 and a little bit of CSS, we have what I consider actually a quite decent looking little website here.
0:54 Super, super cool. We'd have to do one more step to make these buttons work right now. They can't do their full train
0:59 they just show all the guitars, but that's like one more line of code honestly, and then that's it.
1:05 So I'm just going to leave it here, because remember the idea is just to give you a sense of what this is like. What do you think? Incredible right?
1:12 I mean, look at how amazing this website is and then here's the totality of what we put onto that page. That's the guitar listing there.
1:23 And over here, this is the entire flask site. So when I say Python is easy to use it's fairly easy to read.
1:32 You don't have to do too much to get started. Well, here it is. We could of course make this super advanced;
1:37 do all sorts of things, but the simple version this website is actually incredibly simple to put together.
1:44 With just a handful of minutes and here we have it. Granted the web design was already done but we wrote all the logic of it from scratch.
1:51 That's amazing.

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