Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Web development with Python
Lecture: Our demo app

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0:00 Well, we've finally come to the part where
0:01 we're going to play a little bit around with Python.
0:04 We've talked at the high level about why it's cool
0:06 we've talked about how it's efficient
0:07 the types of things you can build.
0:09 Let's just take a couple of minutes and actually
0:11 build out something non-trivial.
0:13 We're going to build this website.
0:15 Looks pretty good, right?
0:16 Guitary, it will rock your socks off.
0:18 So here's a simple little Flask website.
0:21 And the idea is, we're a guitar company.
0:23 We're selling guitars.
0:24 Go here and, click that button
0:26 and say, browse our guitars and you'll get a list
0:29 you know, like a book store, or like any store
0:31 that you would expect online these days.
0:33 Click that button, you get something like this.
0:35 Here's all the guitars, there's a cool picture
0:37 there's the title, there's the price.
0:39 In a real app you'd be able to click on it
0:40 and get all sorts of details and order it.
0:43 In our app we just have these two screens
0:44 you can click those buttons, see all the guitars
0:47 just the electric guitars, or the acoustic guitars.
0:50 So this is what we're going to build.
0:52 We're going to only take a super simple look at it
0:55 we're not going to build every single detail from scratch.
0:58 For example, the web design
0:59 we're just going to drop that in there.
1:01 But it's going to work with our Flask app
1:03 that we're going to put together.
1:05 Now this is the first time we're writing some code
1:08 in this course, and I did say, I totally understand
1:11 that many of you may not be software developers.
1:14 Let me just set some expectations.
1:15 When you see what's happening here
1:17 in this next couple of videos, don't expect to follow along
1:21 every single step if you're not familiar with Python.
1:24 Don't expect to be able to recreate it.
1:26 It's not to teach you how to use Flask
1:28 or the Python web framework;
1:30 it's to give you a little bit of concrete sense
1:33 of what it's like for someone, possibly you
1:35 possibly someone else, to use these Python web frameworks.
1:38 So we're going to skip around a bit.
1:40 We're not going to cover every single detail.
1:42 It's more to inspire you with what is possible
1:44 than it is to teach you every single nitty gritty detail.
1:48 Okay? Here we go, It's going to be awesome.