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Chapter: Web development with Python
Lecture: Choosing a framework

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0:00 With all those framework options which one should you choose? Well, it's not too hard. If you want a traditional web framework
0:09 then probably Flask is the way to go. Maybe Django, probably Flask. Like I said, Flask seems to have a little bit momentum
0:16 and what you'll find is a lot of the more modern frameworks have adopted Flask's API but they make some slight variation on it.
0:24 Here are some survey results from The Python Software Foundation in conjunction with JetBrains, a developer tools company.
0:30 And they did a survey, the biggest survey of the Python dDeveloper space, in 2018. They also did it this year but we don't yet have the results
0:38 so we're going to look up the year before. Notice how Flask is ahead and this call that I have on the right here is that
0:44 surprisingly, Flask has grown by 15% usage among people who answered. So, that's pretty awesome. Django also is still very popular
0:53 you can see my Pyramid is in here. And there's some other things Hug, Falcon, Bottle and so on. You don't even see Starlette or FastAPI, do you?
1:01 I believe those were either entirely too new and when they did this survey, they weren't even born yet they weren't created yet.
1:08 Or, if they were, they were very, very new and they weren't popular enough to make it onto this list. So which one should you choose?
1:14 Well, if you want a traditional web framework like I said, Flask unless your organization is all about Django
1:20 then just go with Django. That's totally good. If you need something scalable or you want something more modern
1:26 look at things like Starlette and FastAPI, and possibly Sanic. But, I'd probably start with Starlette.
1:32 It seems to be the foundation of so many of these things. And, yeah, it's, it's really good.

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