Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: What is Python?
Lecture: Open source and Python

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0:00 No conversation about what is Python would be complete without mentioning that it is open source. I'm sure you've heard of open source.
0:09 It's a trend in the software development space where the code is available and, typically it can be taken and adapted without permission
0:17 without asking somebody, Hey can I make this change? or, I saw there's this problem. Could you please change your code because
0:24 we wanted to do something else? No, you could just go over here press this fork button and you are now the proud owner of
0:30 a fully-functional version of Python and you could go do whatever you want rename it, make changes to it, and so on.
0:37 Typically, we don't want to do that because we want to stay part of the community. We want all the changes everyone else is making
0:43 to just come back into the thing that we're working on and make it so much better. open source is really important these days
0:50 and Python has been open source from the beginning. You can get it right here on That's the organization.
0:57 There's a handful of things there and then /Python is actually the main Python runtime the library and the language that we talked about earlier.
1:05 So Python, open source, really amazing.

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