Python for Decision Makers and Business Leaders Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet your instructor, Michael

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0:00 Last but definitely not least, let me introduce myself.
0:03 Here I am, my name is Michael, Michael Kennedy
0:05 nice to meet you chat with me over on twitter where I am
0:08 @mkennedy, why am I putting this course together?
0:10 Why am I passionate about Python and honestly
0:13 why am I qualified to tell you about it?
0:15 Well, there's a bunch of things I've been doing
0:16 I've been a software developer for like 20 years
0:19 worked in many different technologies, but for the last
0:21 four or five, I've been hosting the most popular
0:25 Python podcast, Talk Python To Me.
0:27 Here I've interviewed an incredible array of people
0:30 I've interviewed data scientists, astro physicists
0:33 particle physicists, biologists, but of course
0:36 people that work at Instagram running one of the largest
0:39 Django websites in the world.
0:41 Through this experience, I've got a unique view at
0:44 the whole spectrum of what Python is
0:47 how people are using it and
0:48 how they can be successful with it, also happened
0:51 at co-host the second most popular Python podcast called
0:54 Python Bytes, where we cover the news of the week in
0:57 the Python space, so these are two complimentary
1:00 different shows, and I'm also the founder and
1:03 one of the primary authors at, Talk Python Training
1:06 where your taking this course.
1:07 I've done a lot of work, 18 software developers
1:10 and other folks about software development and of course
1:13 I've put in a ton of energy into doing that for Python.
1:17 I'm so glad to meet you, I'm happy you're in my course
1:20 and we're going to have a great time exploring Python together.